Reflecting Him despite Pain

The last few weeks have been tough to say that least. My disease had come to a point where I was given the choice to live in pain or to go through what I knew would be a painful surgical procedure followed by a long recovery. With a hope of again being healthy in sight, I chose to have the surgery.  Ten days out, and eighty percent of my intestines lighter, I am feeling much better. It was at the lowest point of exhaustion and infection that I realized that our physical health is so important.  Comprehension when attempting to read the word eluded me, prayers bounced off the ceiling, my heart wasn’t fully alive, it was trying to sleep.


Finally, I found myself begging God to please impress upon his saints to pray for me as I couldn’t do it for myself. In this life as Jonathan Edwards once preached we truly are all living s on ice.  What keeps our feet strong on the straight and narrow path is the hand of God, be clear on this it is his hand not ours that holds us.  Even when in my weakness his hand never let go of mine.


For where two or three have gathered 

together in My name, I am there in their midst.”  Mathew 18:20


This brings me to an important part of keeping close enough to God to reflect his light; we must be a part of a Christian fellowship. There are many who feel, and not completely inaccurately, that the church is tough to be part of because it is made up of people who are far from perfect. We all have sinned, we all fall short of the glory of God, and there are wolves in amongst the sheep. This is all the more reason that we must be in prayer for those around us and draw close to God and join battle with and for each other.


Having a circle of fellowship with sojourners who seek to fight for the narrow path of relationship with God is hard. There are indeed few who find it, but we must try to find one another. This is not a battle God intended us to fight alone. I am so thankful that God did indeed call people to fight on my behalf. This means that there were some who kept themselves in a position to hear the call and chose to be obedient to it. I could feel the prayers, I felt God’s peace rush over me like a wave. Grace like rain had new meaning. Who is God calling you to pray for today?  We must fight to stay on the narrow the path, but also we must fight for each other. 


Reflecting Him as we bring our lives into line with His will

Remember back in math class when we learned about lines? We were told to assume that the line extended through eternity in both directions. This means that while the short line on my paper may appear straight when we extended it out the longer it was the more obvious that it is maligned. The same is true with our souls. Adam and Eve were created to live forever, original sin brought death into the picture. So, here is this couple meant to live forever having perfect health, perfect communion with God and with one another and suddenly it comes to an abrupt stop. They now have to work, the feel they don’t deserve to be in God’s presence, and they cover themselves up.

We are so many generations from them that, I believe, we are sicker, and we have less perfect communion with God and each other. Maybe we have just got that original sin more deeply embedded. This is why the gospel is such good news! We CAN be healed and we CAN have communion with God. The greatest gift of the gospel is that we can know God, hear Him speak and have communion with Him. I have heard amazing stories of immediate healing, but for me it has been something that has happened over time.

Three years ago, I was really struggling but, since then God has shown me things to change and as I bring my life into line with His will, I have been at greater communion with Him. God is Holy and perfect and if He is to dwell with my heart, my heart must be a clean and holy place for Him to live. As I have given over more and more the areas of my life to Him that need to be cleansed and brought them into line with His will I have felt His presence more. Of course the result here is that I want to discover other ways that my life is displeasing to His spirit, so that I can know Him more.

The pace at which I have moved is sometimes slow, but that is my hesitation to give Him my life. When I finally do, I always wonder what I thought I was holding on to in comparison to what He had for me. This is always infinitely better, of course. My only regret is not giving Him more, sooner.

What is holding you back today from having perfect peace in your soul and perfect communion with our great father? If you are not sure, ask Him, He is overjoyed to share His presence if only you will give yourself to Him and allow Him to make your heart habitable for his spirit. He will reveal the areas of our life that you are not in complete obedience, and you must comply. God has immense dignity, he will not just enter in to a heart that we are not willing to clean up for Him. We are to be a light on a lamp stand and that light comes from drawing near to him and allowing him to shine through us as we reflect His love.