God does not want us to be happy

Recently,during a conversation about the sanctity of marriage, it was suggested that if one partner were not happy that it would be ok with God for them to pack up and leave, because God wants them to be happy. This caused me to think about it. If God loves us, would He wants us to do something that is clearly against His word, simply because “it makes us happy”. of Our mere happiness I dare say, is not God’s main objective toward us. I believe we are called to first be holy and that God will provide an abundance of joy that overflows from living first for Him.

Didn’t Jesus say that if your eyes causes you to sin to pluck it out, because it is better to enter heaven disabled than to succumb to sin? I think this applies to all of things in this world that are not holy, but we do them because they make us happy. Happiness is fleeting. Only the joy of the Lord can last. The joy of the Lord is my strength when times are hard and happiness evades me.

Focus first on loving God with all of your heart, soul, and strength and then all these things will be added until you. Thank you, Lord that you are my joy and that this joy is sustainable even through the storms of life.



Today is my twenty-first wedding anniversary. Days like this cause me to look back at where we have come from. I am ever thankful to my God that I am not who I was, although, admittedly being no where near where I would like to be. God has been gracious to help me grow, He has been good to me in never letting go even when I fall and I often do. Don’t we all?

As I ponder the great grace of our God, I find myself saddened by the lack of grace in His people and unfortunately, I must include myself in this. I admit that I have fallen into the trap of following the rules and telling others to “come be good like me”, feeling proud that I had followed so many of God’s rules; however, God is not a God of rules and regulations. He is a God of relationship. Please do not take this to mean that we owe God anything less than our best, anything less than to strive to be holy as He is holy. What I do mean, is that we are all in different places and we need to give others a little bit of grace in our imperfections (not our blatant sin), and a lot of space to learn and grow as we come along side in love and pray for each other.

I hear a lot about doctrinal purity and getting it right, but what frightens me is that we will be overly focused on knowing about God and not on knowing Him. A day will come when many will hear “depart, I never knew you”. Get into the word, acknowledge where are in life, and take the hand of God and walk with Him. He will guide you into a pure and holy life one step at a time.

We must also exhort our brothers to do the same and lovingly understand that my walk is not your walk. Pray for one another and spend as much time as you can sitting at the feet of our Savior.