The story of Moses is such an incredible picture of God’s providence. In the days of Israel (Jacob), God revealed that His people would be oppressed for 400 years, and that after that they would be led to the promised land. There was never a time that God did not know what was happening in the lives of His people. When Moses says to God, “who am I that I should tell Pharaoh to let the people go? I am not a good speaker” God responds that Aaron his brother is on his way to meet him. This made me ask why. Why is Aaron on his way? There is no mention that they were close during the forty years that Moses had been hiding in Midian. I have to come to the conclusion that God knew what the argument of Moses would be and that he had already placed it in the heart of Aaron to go to his brother. Countless times, the word says, and God hardened Pharoahs heart. As the story progresses and the plagues are getting worse, the first one that will really bring harm come first with a warning. “at this time tomorrow” (exodus 9:13 – 26) – those who would were given the opportunity to heed that warning and take cover from the hail. We are also told countless times that “the heavens declare the glory of God (psalm 19:1) and that nature itself has made God known to us, if we will listen with our heart (Romans 1). God is an all knowing God. He has a plan and He knows exactly what it will take to make it happen. Surrender to His plan. He will make us more like Him, He will shine through us. Only when there is tribulation can we persevere. Have hope! Our promised land awaits.