Rejoice in the Lord!

In this life there will always be hard things. We will have less than perfect relationships, jobs, finances… you get it, because your life isn’t perfect either. Sometimes, our circumstances can seem so big, that we just can’t see anything else. It is in these times, right now as a matter of fact, that I remember, Paul wrote these words from prison. Not fairly warm well fed American prison, but from a prison under Roman rule. A prison during and era and in a society that was arguably one of the cruelest societies ever.

My joy doesn’t come from the things of this world and I am thankful for that. As much as I love my husband, my children, my extended family I would be remiss to allow them to be the source of my joy. AS fallible humans they will let me down. Just as I too will let them down. Jesus; however, will never let me down. My finances may be insufficient to pay all my bills, but the grace of our great God will never be insufficient. This is the source of peace that passes understanding. In the midst of the storm, I am joyful, because I know that the promise was never to pull me out of my circumstances, but to love me through them. Sometimes, he calms the wind and the waves, but other times He walks me through. I am thankful today for who God is and that he is in control no matter where I am. If I will stop and listen, he will guide me through.

He will guide you through too! Draw close to him. Listen to his voice, he will keep you on the narrow path.


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