A message to the single Christian ladies out there

When I was eleven years old I felt the hand of God in a way that I would guess isn’t common. I remember that while other girls were writing “I love Joe ” ( or whatever name), I was writing “I love Jesus”. I wanted more than anything to serve him and really loved hearing from missionaries and reading their stories.  Then one day I met Bill.  
He was different than the other guys I’d known. He seemed genuinely to care about me. He was fun to hang out with and he was willing to go to church. One day, it was clear to me that Bill was never going to take church seriously. He was there for me, not for  God.  I knew the time has come to end it, missions dating should not be a thing, I knew this.  

I tried, really… And I knew it was the right thing to do, but when he said he loved me and would do anything to make it work. I let myself believe the lie. That I could have both. Missions work and Bill.  That evening, without realizing it fully I chose him over God. 

We were married a year and a half later and shortly there after he started going to church less and less.  Then one day, he said “I’m done with this nonsense, I tried to believe. I wanted to believe, but I just don’t”. That was over twenty years ago and except on rare occasion he has never gone back. 

I have lived with regret and resentment fit all these years. Marriage is a.covenant,i can’t walk away. Time travel has not been invented so I can’t go back and choose  God when I should have. All I can do is release my dreams to God and know that the story is still unfolding, that no life is beyond redemption. 

I say all of this to make this point, If you are married to an unbeliever, hold fast. He can be won by your silent witness.  If; however, you are still single and seeking  God’s will and you are dating an unbeliever run away! Hold fast to God.  Put him first, choose him send he will put the man of His choosing in your life. 

Walking away after you are emotionally attached is hard. Dating can not and should not be a mission field.  Dating should be finding a life partner that will put God first. When God is first everything else will fall into place. I didn’t follow this advice and have lived to have regret. I am ever thankful for the redeeming power of God’s love. 


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